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UAS Right of Way Access Requests
UAS Right of Way Access Requests

Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or consultants requiring or anticipating the use of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) within ODOT Right of Way are required to submit a UAS Right of Way Access Request.

The UAS Right of Way Request must be submitted 30 days prior to the proposed operation date and is required to include the following information:

  • Name of Operator
  • Operator Contact Information
  • Names and Position(s) of Flight Crew
  • Applicable Certificate Type and Number
  • Relevant Flight Experience or Flight Logs
  • Aircraft Model and Type
  • Aircraft Registration Number
  • Aircraft Maintenance Logs
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Insurance Contact information
  • Failsafe Procedures
  • Location Coordinates in DDMMSS.ss
  • Location Description
  • Proposed Operational Description
  • Proposed Date/Time and Frequency of Operations
  • List any FAA waivers and/or authorization submitted or received for this proposed operation
  • Any applicable images

A blank template and request example for a UAS Right of Way Access Request is available in the link section of this page. 

The Ohio UAS Center (UASC) will review the proposed operations for potential risk factors and mitigation procedures as well as FAA regulatory compliance. The UASC may contact the operator for additional information and clarifications.

Should the UASC find the operational risk exceeds our acceptable tolerances or the operation will violate current FAA regulations, the UASC will not approve the operation and will provide the contractor information as to why it was not approved and offer any corrective actions. The Contractor may then correct the issues with the proposed operation and re-submit the request to the UASC.

Upon approval from the UASC, the operator may only perform the approved operation and must abide by all Local, State and Federal Laws.

Upon request, the Contractor shall deliver the raw and processed data collected by the UAS, flight planning information and flight data logs to the UASC. Requests should be fulfilled within a week of the initial request.

The UASC has the right to review and observe all flight operations and perform UAS inspections, as they are conducted. If flight operations are not being performed in accordance with the FAA regulations or the UAS is not being maintained in accordance with FAA regulations, manufacturer’s recommendations, outside approved operations or found to be unnecessarily endangering persons or property the UASC can halt or cancel UAS operations under the ODOT
contract. If the specific issues identified are successfully mitigated the UASC will give approval to continue operations.

Send Requests and Data to:
Ohio UAS Center
4170 Allium Ct.
Springfield, OH 45505