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UAS Flight Operations
UAS Flight Operations

In 2020, the Ohio UAS Center completed 2,009 individual flights for 552 projects on behalf of ODOT and other state agencies. Flight operation requests are on the rise and the Center is expected to have a 23% increase in flight operations for 2021. As of May 2021, the Center has logged over 550 individual flights for 207 projects. Applications of unmanned aircraft for ODOT and other agencies include: aerial photography/GIS, infrastructure & facility inspections, construction & traffic monitoring, emergency management, mapping, and communications & promotional videos.

ODOT Flight Operations

The Ohio UAS Center performs and manages all unmanned aircraft operations for the Divisions and Districts of the Ohio Department of Transportation. The Ohio UAS Center is located in Springfield (District 7) and will disburse pilots from the Center across the state to meet the agency's requests. In addition to centrally located UAS Remote Pilots, the UAS Center also has regional pilots strategically placed in District 6, District 8 and District 12 in order to meet the flight operation request demand within ODOT's Districts.

Other Agency Flight Operations

The Ohio UAS Center will support local and state agencies with flight operation services. Our Remote Pilots are strategically placed within the state in order to meet not only ODOT's needs but also the entire state.

Innovative Equipment

In order to obtain the quality and critical data required for state operations, the Ohio UAS Center utilizes a variety of unmanned aircraft and sensors. The abilities of unmanned aircraft and sensors are rapidly evolving, requiring the UAS Center to monitor technological advancements and purchase new & innovative equipment to meet the state's business requirements.