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SkyVision Scheduling Form

SkyVision Scheduling Form

To schedule the use of SkyVision, interested parties may contact the Ohio UAS Center at uascenter@dot.ohio.gov or follow the directions below utilizing the online scheduling tool.

1. Review Calendar for availability for date and time.

2. Do not attempt to book a day or time that has already been secheduled as the request will be denied.

3. Identify which area(s) you want to operate in. The Test Area has a "Low" and "High" operating area. 

    The "Low" area is Sfc-4500' and the "High" area is 5,000' - 8,500'. 

4. Fill out the "SkyVision" form and press submit.

5. You will receive an email either confirming or denying your request.




Once your request has been submitted, a member of the Ohio UAS Center staff will contact you.