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Other Projects
Other Projects

Other Projects

In addition to SkyVision and FlyOhio, UAS is involved in other projects significant to advancing the State of Ohio's objective as a leader in technology advances to support services like human transport and package delivery.

Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management

The UAS Center is partnering with The Ohio State University and others on a three-year research project along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor to develop a different low-altitude air traffic management system using passive radar. This research will include using communication devices on both air and ground vehicles and will complement ongoing work to test autonomous and connected vehicles along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, a 35-mile stretch of highway between Dublin and East Liberty, Ohio. The use of passive radar for managing the low-altitude airspace could be a major key in finding a system that can be scaled up and deployed statewide. Passive radar is much less expensive to install and therefore easier to scale. The research will use the passive radar system, as well as sensors and communication devices, to deploy drones for a specific use case: monitoring ground vehicle traffic along the corridor.


Vertiport Development

As unmanned aircraft technology advances to support services like human transport and package delivery, identifying locations that allow for vertical aircraft takeoff and landing (known as vertiports) will become a vital component to advancing the commercial use of drones in the state. For this reason, the state issued a Request for Information (RFI) asking private-sector companies to provide guidance that will help Ohio plan for deployment of advanced unmanned aircraft technologies. The request is specifically asking for information on the infrastructure needed to identify vertiport locations and support vertical landing and takeoff activities. FlyOhio is also looking for information relating to Electric Vertical Landing and Takeoff (eVTOL), automated air taxis and taxi services, the use of personal air vehicles, on-demand aviation, and any other related technologies needed to implement and support this as an innovative alternative transportation method.