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What We Do


The Ohio UAS Center performs and manages unmanned aircraft operations for the Ohio Department of Transportation. In 2021, the UAS Center flight operations team logged 2,218 individual flights in support of 691 flight operation projects. The types of projects supported through the use of unmanned aircraft include bridge inspections, construction monitoring, traffic monitoring, mapping, emergency response, natural disasters, facility inspections, and our team is finding new ways to utilize this technology to keep our roadways open and people safe. As the lead agency for unmanned aircraft, the Center also serves as a shared resource for local and state agencies for UAS program development and flight operations. Our versatile unmanned aircraft fleet and use of  advanced sensor technologies such as magnetometry, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), and radiation detection equipment support multiple agencies need for critical data. 

Outside of operations, the UAS Center continues to research and invest in the future of aviation through the FlyOhio initiative and SkyVision.

Explore the website to learn more on operations, shared agency support services, SkyVision and other initiatives & research.