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Advanced Air Mobility Framework

Ohio is releasing the nation’s first advanced air mobility (AAM) framework, developed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, through DriveOhio and the Ohio Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Center. This framework will support, and position Ohio for, anticipated advanced aviation growth throughout the state.

Advanced Air Mobility uses next-gen technologies to move people and cargo between places not usually served by surface transportation or existing aviation. Common technologies include electric propulsion, short and vertical takeoff/landing techniques, using advanced materials, and the ability to remotely or autonomously pilot aircraft. Ohio intends to employ advanced air mobility for the safe, efficient, and equitable transportation of people and goods throughout the state.

Advanced air mobility increases modality options, improving transportation resiliency and efficiency. It can also increase safety as newer aircraft are designed with redundancy in mind. Ohio’s advanced air mobility framework captures the existing advanced aviation ecosystem, Ohio specific activities, route planning considerations, recommendations for establishing vertiports, and provides a strategic map for Ohio to support this emerging industry.

Three use cases that have the potential to drive transportation efficiency and support a robust new aerospace industry in the State of Ohio are cargo/freight delivery, regional air mobility, and emergency services.